Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving is a weird holiday for college students or young couples as the parents expect you to spend that time with them. It is not that you don't want to spend that time with family, however, until you attempt a Thanksgiving dinner yourself you truly are not an emancipated adult.

This year we decided to have a couple of friends over for a pre- or pseudo-Thanksgiving dinner to earn the much sought after certificate of emancipation. Overall the dinner was a success. The turkey was well cooked, the mashed potatoes were the masterpiece of Jeff Bird and Bryce Jones working together, the stuffing was acceptable, the rolls were to die for, and the vegetables and pies were rockin'.

We love our house, but one defining characteristic of it is the lack of space to store decorations. As such, we have limited our decorations to two holidays: Christmas and Thanksgiving. It was fun to pull out one of the two holidays we have and decorate the kitchen table accordingly.

The best part of the dinner was enjoying the company of good friends. We assume they enjoyed the dinner as we have no reports of upset stomachs or midnight rendevous with the toilet.
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Lora Jones said...

Noel...I guess I forgot to tell you that Bryce and I fell ill in the night on Sunday night. We were taken to the hospital via ambulence and had our stomaches pumped. The doctor was sure that the turkey was the culprit and that would be fine in a few hours. Just Kidding!!! Thanks for having us. It was soooo good. We are thankful to have such great friends! That can cook up a storm.