Saturday, November 29, 2008

3 Months

Let's make this simple...Greg is 3 months...Peace.

Alright, Amber got mad at me and I have to list some of his accomplishments.

1. Can now aim his spit-up
2. Smiles even when Amber passes gas
3. Can sit up
4. Can officially post a picture of himself on
5. Sleeps through the night...Dad really likes this one
6. Diapers require gas masks
7. Loves to swim
8. Follows voices

Ok...that is enough.

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Nichole said...

He's so adorable! Wait, I said that already.

Adele said...

OOOhhh... sooo cute!! I can't wait to meet him... and to meet my own baby... I love all his hair!!

Marissa said...

Ha ha... you guys crack me up. I can always expect a laugh when reading your blog. Sounds like you had a terrific Thanksgiving!! Greg came to visit me the other day with my visiting teachers (Trisha Brooks and Melody Southworth) It was good to see the little guy... but he didn't like me much when mom and dad weren't around!! What a sweet little man you guys have though.