Sunday, November 16, 2014

Becoming Beach Bums, Summer 2013

We love that we live 15 minutes from the beach! The summer we moved here, we would go to the beach about once a week or so. Because it's so close, I would get the kids ready so we could leave once Noel got home from work around 4 and stay for a couple hours.

These pictures of Greg were on the second day we moved to NC. He couldn't wait to get to the beach! Pure joy!

Walks on the beach would start out like this...

Then progress to this...

 Then end in this...

And this...

And this...

 After a few times, we learned that there is no such thing as a "walk on the beach" without getting in the water. :)

Evan wasn't a big fan of the beach last summer. In this picture, he's asleep in his carseat. 

Evan the Koala, Summer 2013

Evan LOVED to be held as a little baby. It was really sweet, but it was also a little tiring for my arms. :) The way he would hold on when we held him reminded us of a koala, so we called him our little koala. 

Evan was (and still is) really clingy in general. And by clingy, I mean he would scream at the top of his lungs if someone else tried to hold him. When we first moved to NC, I was playing the piano in Relief Society, and Terri Stringham held him while I played. He was crying so loudly, she took him outside to see if that would calm him down, but I could still hear him outside. When Noel got back from ODS, Evan was used to only me being around. So he took a bit to get used to Noel. When he did, it was so sweet. He loves his dad!

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Shaws had a family reunion in July, and since we couldn't make it out, Mom sent us the shirts that Rhonda had made. We decided to take some pictures in them at the beach.

Can't keep these boys out of the water for very long.

July 4th, 2013

For the Fourth of July, we started the day at the church for the flag raising and pancake breakfast. It was quite tasty. Then we headed to the bowling alley. These boys LOVE going bowling.

Next we made some treats (a cake and pretzel "sparklers"). We must have decorated the treats on different days; the boys are in different outfits. :)

Then we played outside in the wading pool and slip n slide. It was a fun relaxing day!