Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rewind: The New Swagger Wagon

Back in November...with a new baby on the way, we decided it was time for us to venture into the world of the minivan. Honestly, I've wanted a minivan since I had Greg. Lyndsey Skanchy was nice enough to watch the boys while Noel and I drove to Cincinnati to pick up this beauty (2012 Honda Odyssey). It had 12 miles on it when we drove away from the dealership. I had never driven a new car before, so I was a bit nervous.
 To say I was excited would be a major understatement.
 When we got home the boys were so excited. We put the back seats down and they played in the back for quite a while. Then we took a little drive over to the Bylunds'. I still absolutely love it!!!

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