Monday, February 4, 2013

Rewind: Greg Starts Preschool

In September, Greg started attending preschool at Building Blocks Preschool at the North Lexington Church of Christ. He LOVES it! It's insanely affordable, but it's an amazing little preschool. He goes every Tuesday with some of his best buddies: Ashley, Emily, Evan, Gray, just to name a few(there are tons of LDS kids who attend). His teachers are Ms. Ginny and Ms. Robin. And the lucky boy, he gets to have his best friend Ashley in his class.

First day of school. I tried to get him dressed in some shorts and a polo shirt, but he said, "Am I going to church? I don't want to wear that." And then he picked out his own outfit. It was really funny. You gotta pick your battles right?

 Outside the school

Brighton had to get in on the action too! 
There was an open house the day before school started, and the three of us (Greg, Brighton, and I) went. Both the boys thought it was so cool. The next day, I think Brighton thought he got to go to preschool too. He was soooo sad when we dropped Greg off. He kept saying, "I stay too! I stay too!" He cried almost the entire day because he missed Greg. Honestly, he is still a bit grumpy on Tuesdays because he misses his best buddy and just has to hang out with mom all day.

 Greg had to take a picture of himself to school to put on the bulletin board. It's hard to get this kid to make a normal face for a picture. :)

 The kids and teachers put on a little Thanksgiving program in November for the families, followed by a yummy Thanksgiving dinner. So fun! Here's Greg with his class (his buddy Evan is to the right of him).

Pretty sure that he didn't sing a single word, but he was really cute nonetheless. :)

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