Monday, September 24, 2012

A Day in the Life...

Just doing a picture dump of all the random pictures that I have on my camera.

The boys absolutely LOVE playing outside.

This is how Brighton usually looks face and sweaty (inherited from his mom).

Hose= hours of entertainment!

Greg loves to build forts/tents in the living room. Sometimes he is a little too particular about the construction for my liking, but oh well (ie. Mom, that blanket can't go there! It has to be the red side! There is too much light getting in! etc.).

One day when I was feeling exceptionally crummy, I helped him make a fort and told him he could watch a movie on his portable DVD player in his tent so that I could take a nap. After I slept for about an hour, this is what I found. I guess he needed a nap too!

Blurry but still cute. Brighton always wants his picture taken.

Greg being Bob the Builder, carrying his tools around in his boots. Who needs a tool belt? "Do my children ever where pants?" you ask. Nope.

Brighton being Daddy (he has Noel's pager and ID on)

Mariokart! I've turned into one fantastic mom since I got pregnant. Lots of TV, and Mariokart, and whatever else as long as I can lay on the couch.

FHE Olympics a few weeks ago with the Bylunds, Bylunds, Millars, Noehrens, and Powells. So much fun! I'm so glad that I have clever, creative friends who come up with fun activities!

Just being cute.

I was making a Moby wrap for a friend's baby shower, and the boys were very interested. I took the parts that I cut off to taper the ends, and they made great pirate bandanas. Pirates wear pink, right? Then Greg wanted to try the wrap on. Sorry Jennilyn, the wrap is pre-worn. :)

FHE singing time at the piano.

The picture really does not do it justice, but this is the cake Sherrill Moody made for Greg's birthday. It was AMAZING! I especially loved the fur on Hiccup's jacket.

The other day, I had a piece of toast with breakfast. Toward the end of the toasting, it started to smell really funny. Then after the toast popped up, the toaster started smoking a bit. I looked in and there were two cars in the bottom of the toaster (it's really hard to see in the picture). Didn't know that I needed to check for toy cars in the bottom of my toaster. You better believe I will from now on. I'm really glad that I didn't start my kitchen on fire!

My boys are just so darn cute and funny! I'm one lucky mom!


Janice said...

I'm excited for you and your growing family! And activities that allow you to lie on the couch are a-okay!

Lyndsey said...

Cars in the toaster is definitely a new one! I think you need to stop buying them such cool underwear, then they won't want to show them off quite so much:) JK. I think it's hilarious!!