Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christmas and BEYOND!

It's only February and we are finally finishing the Christmas post. That's ok, it just means that we have been busy. Since this is Noel and I am not one to type and type and type, I thought it was appropriate to do a picture post.

So without further ado...let the pictures begin.

Here is Greg on Christmas morning. He was more worried about losing his bear than opening presents. Go figure.

Mike and Les had church later on so we decided to enjoy the morning and wait until the Hansen crew could make it down to Spanish Fork. If you didn't notice...Hayley decided that Christmas present opening is only done in pajamas.

Brighton watching the action unfold around him. Notice his life-support line...hand on mom's knee.

Nothing really to say, just love the pic.

Handsome Cameron. This break was our first time meeting the newest nephew. What a little hottie!

There are 3 certainties in life. 1. Noel rules, 2. Amber rocks, and 3. Brighton destroys any tupperware drawer...even 1,700 miles from home.

So cute!

Noel the knight and Brighton the centurion, what hot chica could bypass these studs?!

So cute and yet so cold. 

Can anyone say donut?! Brighton loves donuts and he had such a wonderful time on my birthday morning digging into dad's stash of donuts.

There is a gene in any Dickens' child that acts as a camera finding gps unit. Yup, we know that Brighton is for sure a Dickens. 

Brighton checking his stock options.

What a cheeseball!

Christmas morning and before we trimmed the mullet.

Happy Birthday, Noholio! Amber went all out for my birthday. Greg loved wearing the celebration glasses.

Christmas was fun, but boy did it take a lot out of us. However, dental school is better, the boys are healthy again, and Amber and I are finally feeling like our life is back to normal.

In the past year we've learned that Brighton is a fish out of water; he loves anything to do with water. Bath time is an especially cherished treat.

With Brighton loving bath time, Greg has shown a renewed interest in being clean.

Lexington has enjoyed a really mild winter. In fact, Thursday was in the low 60s and Friday was in the mid 60s and sunny. As such we enjoyed several hours this weekend playing in the backyard and going for some walks.

Brighton had a hard time at first walking on the uneven grass. When he adjusted his gait it was hard to bring him back inside.
This is when we told Brighton he had to stay inside...he wasn't so happy,
' '
For as much as I've been absent this past year, it is nice to know that my boys still love me. Here is to a great 2012! Yahoo!!!

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Jeff and Melea said...

Thanks for the picture update! It is fun to see the boys as they grow. There are a couple of Greg that remind me of Maddox. He has such handsome hazel/green eyes! Miss you guys!