Sunday, August 21, 2011

Times Are A'Changin

How is it that one morning you wake up, the kids are in bed, your wife is still sleeping, you walk to the kitchen to eat and sort out your patient load for the day when you realize, "I am so old." Luckily not quite as old my parents (or at least we hope not :)). 

Had one of those moments this week. I think a lot of it revolves around our oldest turning 3 and our current discussions about our savings plan to purchase a new home in 6 years. Still, I can now say I had my pre-fourth decade debacle.

These last two weeks have been quite busy. Classes began, Greg has decided that "huge" boys don't need naps, Brighton finally broke his two lower incisors, and Lexington decided that 90 degree days were too unbearable (never thought I would be happy to hear, "It will only be in the 80s today.")

Last Friday I did not have didactic or clinical work so we took the boys to the Cincinnati Zoo. Awesome! I've been to the San Diego and Chicago Zoos, but the Cincinnati Zoo was just as good. Clean, family friendly, and lots of activities. Don't have pictures, but because we had so much fun the boys were absolutely wiped out on Saturday. Greg was so tired that when he had his 1 hour quite time he fell asleep on the floor surrounded by his toys (see picture below)

Thursday afternoon during Primary Presidency meeting Greg and Waverly were playing in the backyard when they noticed a big green thing. Yup, somehow a small green kiddie pool ended up in our yard. We should have told Greg that it came from outer space, but I can only imagine Greg telling his parole officer some day that, "all of my troubles began when my parents lied to me about how we got our green kiddie pool."

Yesterday afternoon after a full morning of yard work and some much needed nap time, Amber and I filled up the kiddie pool and let the boys have some fun. It was such a nice afternoon and I was so happy to be home and not at school either studying or finishing lab work for patients. I even had time to pull out the camera (they have been quite neglected since vacation).

Below: Brighton pre-kiddie pool

Below: Yes, you can look up the term "Macroglossia" on Wikipedia and you will probably find Brighton's picture as a case-study.

Below: Gave the camera to Amber and let myself have fun with the boys. So much fun! I think Greg particularly liked having fun with me and not watching from behind a lens.

Below: Another typical Brighton picture. He has become quite the accomplished pseudo-crier.

Below: The face we prefer to see.

Below: We learned this week that Brighton is extremely well coordinated, completely opposite of Greg. We would lightly toss the ball to him and he would put out his arms to catch the ball. Amazing how kids of the same flock can be so different.

Below: Just a fun image of Bubbers.

Below (2): Greg liked the pool for the simple fact that he could run up and completely wipeout in the water. I was wondering if we could record him wiping out and mail it to the producers of "Wipeout". As a side-note, anyone else notice how oblivious Brighton is to Greg. :)

Below: Cute

Below: Macroglossia once again. Almost reminds you of a frog readying to smack a fly with its tongue.

Below: Greg realizing that when you run on recently cut grass, then jump into the pool that the grass follows you into the pool.

Below: Favorite of the day. Like I said, because I am always taking the pictures, there are hardly any with my sons. Thanks Amber for rising to the occasion and snapping some keepers!


Nichole said...

Am I the only dummy that doesn't know what macroglossia is? Cute pics of cute boys (Noel included:)

Lynne said...

How cute these are! Why didn't we think of a pool before.? Too bad you had to steal one!!! LOVE IT