Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Everyone Needs a Little Vacation

Day 3 of vacation and I am loving every minute of being home. True, my allergies have gotten an early kickstart, but I didn't realize how much I missed being home. This morning I took Greg to the pool and after a little bit of cajoling, Greg allowed me to zip him around on his kick board. Afterwards we headed to Walmart and as a treat Greg got a bunch of new figurines from the movie Cars.

In the afternoon Amber and I took the boys to the park where we attempted to fly kites. Greg loved it and Brighton had fun being the star of the playground. Nothing says, "My life rocks!" like laying in your  stroller as people ogle over you. The series of pictures below are from are "wickedly" awesome family time. 

As a funny side note...last fall I had a giggle over how many people from eastern Kentucky call a "hollow" a "hollor". Yet when we were returning from the park Amber was telling me about how Greg tends to "bellor" rather than "bellow" when he talks excitedly. We laughed for quite some time about this and after referring to our trusty old Webster's dictionary we realized that "bellor" is not a word but just a matter of accent. Six and half years into our marriage and I still have my "begs" rather than "bags" and Amber apparently has her "bellor" rather than "bellow" :)


The Pingrees said...

these pictures are great! I love how little Brighty's cheeks make his tongue stick out of his mouth. you guys are so cute!

Nichole said...

Huh. I thought beller was a word, too. I think we got it from Grandma Aston.