Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting back to my Idaho roots!

After Greg and I got back to Lexington, we flew out to Idaho to visit my family. We had only a few more weeks of Greg being able to fly for free, so we took advantage of that. Flying with a "lap child" who is almost two and being 29 weeks pregnant is not the ideal situation. I definitely got some strange looks as I tried to hold my toddler on my diminishing lap, but it all worked out great. Greg was a champ flying this time. During some of the flights, he even fell asleep in my arms.

The highlight of August in Burley (my hometown) is the Cassia County Fair. I LOVE THE FAIR!!! I haven't been for several years, but it's so much fun to go eat some tasty food that totally clogs your arteries, see the animals and 4H exhibits, and see everyone you've ever known all in the same area.

The fair really kicks off with the parade Wednesday morning. Grandpa, Beckett, Greg, Grandma, Emory, and Adele enjoying the parade.

Rodeo Queens
The boys with Grandpa and Grandma. The boys had to learn how to share Grandpa. :)

When we got home from the parade, Dad started setting up "Grandpa's Water Park." I went inside to use the restroom and thought that Greg was inside with me. Well, before he could be stopped, he opened the door, ran out of the house, and jumped in the pool clothes and all! No problem. Dallin had enough sense to go get his swimming shorts on before he got in. I think playing in the water with his cousins was Greg's favorite activity.

Monkey see, monkey do!
Dallin, Beckett, Unc, and Greg. Greg has recently been a real cheese when somebody takes a picture of him. He usually yells, "Picture! Cheese!"

Wearing the helmet for the four wheeler. Greg was too chicken to ride on it, but he sure liked the huge helmet!

We went to the Fair on Thursday night. Nice! Greg liked all the animals (I didn't like the pigs so much. They are sure stinky.) I think that Beckett liked the turkeys the most. He and Greg kept gobbling at each other the rest of the night.

In front of the 4H kids showing their goats.

Our friend, Art Smith, was performing that night. Greg and I waiting for the performance.
Beckett was nice enough to let Greg wear his Stetson. I love that both little boys are wearing their moms' sunglasses.

Before we had to leave Idaho, we celebrated Greg's birthday. He was very excited about it and kept running around yelling, "Birthday 2!"

Getting ready for the party.

Carrie and Nichole ready to party it up.

Blowing out the candle, with Uncle Mitchel in the background.


Dallin, my dad, and my Grandpa Shaw
Nichole and Dallin
My cousin, Lindsay, gave Greg a new tie. Obviously, he loved it. He also got a dollar in the card my parents gave him. So he kept going up to everyone with his tie on and his dollar in hand saying, "Dollar. Dollar." Maybe he'll be a banker.
He also got some money from my parents (with which we bought "Toy Story," his new favorite movie) and a bunch of new books. The new books were super helpful on the plane rides.

What a fun trip! I really savor the times that I get to be with my parents and siblings since those times don't come around all that often. Thanks for the great time! I love you and miss you all!

Rest of New York Vacation

So...I realize that this vacation was two months ago, and I haven't done anything about it. Oh well. For remembering's sake. :)

The day after Hayley's wedding, Noel had to drive back to Lexington to start school while Greg and I stayed to played a week longer. We had such a fun time visiting with the Dickens clan!

We went to the zoo one morning. Greg especially liked the monkeys. Here he is with Aunt Maren and Uncle Jojo checking the monkeys out. In Jordan's perfect world, he would have a pet monkey. Maren didn't let him take one home. :)
With Grandma and Grandpa

With the polar bear cubs and of course, his companion, Mr. Bear.

We all met Grandpa at the ball park for a Red Wings game another morning. Greg did pretty well; we made it all the way to the 6th or 7th inning before we had a meltdown.

We had a picnic at a school with a playground. Fun! Then we had root beer floats from Bill Gray's (maybe Tom Wahl's). Yum!

We had such a blast. And of course I cried when I had to say goodbye to everyone. That's just a given. There were bunches of other fun times, but I'm not as good as Noel at remembering to take pictures. :) A big thanks to Lynne and Gordie for letting me stay longer and putting up with us.