Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Few Weeks in Review

Between school and studying, there isn't much time to do things these days, but I did finally find some time this weekend to index some old pictures and upload new ones from Brighton's baby blessing. So here are a few that brought some smiles to my face.

First off, no post would be complete without including a few pictures of Greg. We love Greg and are so grateful for the precious spirit he brings into our home. He is quick to say sorry and never goes to bed without first a kiss and hug. This summer he really learned to love the pool and we spent many summer days splashing in the kid's pool. I found this picture while preparing the annual family album and thought it epitomizes everything Dickens...pool, hat, crocs, swim shirt, and board shorts.

Every photographer finds an image that despite it's poor composition and a billion other photo faults that they fall in love with. This one is mine. For those with children, you know how hard it is to capture "the" image of your children w/ your point and shoot. The natural motion blur and wide eyes define everything about being a parent with a fun and energetic son...simply love it.

What most people don't know is that we really have four children, Greg and Bear, Brighton and Elephant. We would have had many horrible nights if Greg hadn't found a friend to sooth his sleep. Thanks Bear!

Here we are after Brighton's blessing. Because stake conference being the first weekend in December and the lack of other available weekends we decided to hold the blessing immediate following  stake conference. Thank you for those that were there and the many who couldn't make it but were there in spirit. We are so blessed to have a healthy family and are so excited for the addition of "Bubba Chubba." Like usual I had a hard time keeping back the tears during the blessing. Some of the highlights that I can remember include a blessing upon Brighton to be an inspirational figure in our family and to set a good example to those he loves. I felt impressed to bless him with a kind heart and the ability to discern good friends from bad. That is about all I remember.

Being married is as easy as the spouse to whom you are married. We have had our moments over the last 6 years, but being married to Amber is like eating chocolate...awesome! Plus, how could you ever become angry with a smile like this.

We are in debt to wonderful parents who have set good examples and instilled in us moral, ethical, and religious values. Despite a hectic winter schedule, my parents were able to make it for Brighton's blessing and I was able to snap a few images of them with Bubba Chubba. It was particularly nice snapping a few of my father who for years has been on the opposite side of the lens.

When Brighton was born, both Amber and I had this set image in our heads about how Brighton would look...Greg's head on an infant's body. We both know how crazy that sounded, but we just didn't know what to expect and when Brighton came we were so excited to meet a new and distinct little Dickens (although not so little). Brighton is his own little self and despite a lack of sleep we are finding how much depth he adds to our family. 

This is the last image of the post and it is another favorite of mine because you can really see Brighton's recession line. Love having babies that look like they are 1 month going on 65. 


Jenna said...

such sweet pictures!

Adele said...

I'm so glad you posted more pictures of Brighton!! I was dying for some more! He does look totally different than Greg! I love it... I cannot wait to hold that sweet little guy! Get here fast will ya?

The Pingrees said...

these are great pictures of mom and dad! and brighton! what a hunkachubba cutie!