Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vacation: The Cooler Airs of New York

For the last two weeks of my summer vacation we are in Rochester, NY spending time with my family and gearing up for my youngest sister's wedding. Although the weather has been dry like in Kentucky we are thoroughly enjoying the cooler New York air. On Saturday we attended Hayley's first endowment session at the Palmyra temple and then in the evening went to the Hill Cumorah pageant. Greg loved the customs and running around the "bowl." Greg has been particularly fond of Hayley and during the show he kept pointing to the various stages and saying, "Hay Hay...Hayley!" 

The majority of this week has been kicking it around Honeoye Falls and doing errands for the family. Like usual though Greg found his way to the sprinkler and mimicking me by taking his own pictures.

Poor Amber is usually the responsible parent watching over Greg while I take pictures. However, sometimes I find her smiling :)

One thing that has made Amber particularly happy is that I promised to take her to Chill and Grill and stuff ourselves with as much ice cream as possible. As a warm-up this evening we went to a local parlor called "Dippin' Dans". Greg loved his vanilla soft custard with rainbow sprinkles (he mostly loved the sprinkles) and was in a good enough mood to say "cheese" to the camera.

Only one more week before the mayhem begins. And when I say begin I mean absolute craziness. Since I am doing the photography I have been working around the house measuring lighting and scouting Rochester for good bridal locations. Today was spent measuring indoor lighting just in case it rains during the reception and ring ceremony. 

Poor Hayley... I just hope I don't burn out her retinae. But she is a pretty good sport and a little bit of ice cream smooths over any long photo session.


hotlasagna said...

Looks like fun!! We miss you guys! Good luck with the wedding.

angela said...

Boy, we sure had poor planning. Once we got back you are gone for another 2 weeks?? Rip Off!!!!! :-) Hope you guys have a good time and we are excited to see you when you get back. Also, DARLING selfer of Noel and Greg. Greg's smile is classic!