Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best Invention: Sprinklers

Lexington has been amazingly hot these last two weeks (averages in the 90s). During these hot times, our lives have revolved around the YMCA pool (thank you YMCA...you are a life-saver). When we can't make it to the pool we hook up the caterpillar sprinkler head for Greg in the backyard. Yesterday we were both too busy to take Greg to the Y so we let him run crazy in the backyard. Of course, the first thing he did was run to his car. Water, soccer, and cars...we are a good 4th on Greg's important list.

He has recently started to tell us when he is running. We love it because it is an instant tracking device..."I'm running!"

Greg has also started to love kicking any type of ball. What a great influence the World Cup is.

And of course...the water fanatic shows up.

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