Sunday, May 23, 2010

Papa! Grandmi! and Hayhay!

Thursday night Gordie, Skinny Lynnie, and Hayley flew into Louisville and then drove to Lexington. Greg was excited to see his grandparents and aunt and was in seven heaven when Grandmi made him breakfast Friday morning. It had been about 5 months since Greg had since my parents and didn't miss the opportunity to hit up Grandma and Grandpa for some extra lovin.

Friday night we went out for an early dinner to Abuelos where the vast majority of us ordered the Fajita Tacos...YUM! Greg had a big plate of chicken nuggets and french fries. Saturday morning was sunny and warm so while Skinny Lynnie, Hayley, and Amber went garage sale shopping, Gordie and I mowed the grass and weed wacked. In the afternoon Gordie and I played racquetball and Greg and the ladies played with the amazing train set they picked up shopping. 

After a busy day we settled down for a nice dinner of potatoes, steaks, corn on the cob, and a garden salad. Greg didn't particularly like the dinner we were eating, but scarfed down some chicken nuggets, pudding, juice, and corn. 

After dinner we decided to head out to Keeneland to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful sunset. Greg thought he hit the jackpot as we let him run himself ragged in the fields.

Some day Greg just might be taller than "Hayhay"... or at least we hope! 

Keeneland is such a pretty place. Hayley kept begging Gordie to have her bridal pictures taken there as there are lots of scenic brick buildings and rolling fields. 

Today the grandparents left to go home and Greg was extra sad to watch them leave. Amber and I still haven't figured out if he was sad that they were leaving or that he is left here with us. It is always fun to have the grandparents visit. Thanks for the great weekend!

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angela said...

Sad that we missed them (especially at stake conference!!) :-)
Come again soon!