Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend: A Really Long Post

By now we have all meandered through multiple Easter posts from various friends and family, but what is one more?...especially one loaded with pictures.

The weekend began with wonderful weather...80 degrees and sunny. Thursday morning Noel commissioned into the Navy's HPSP (Health Professions Scholarship Program) in Louisville, zoomed back to school for a rousing afternoon of NeuroAnatomy and Facial development, and then hit the road on his road cycle for his weekly long ride. Noel had no courses on Friday, so he spent the day at home with us having fun and working around the house. Friday evening Noel and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Abuelos in order to celebrate Noel's commissioning and then finished off the evening playing games with the Birds and eating lots of pudding cookies...the best cookies ever!

Saturday morning Noel had to go to up to campus and study for an upcoming Gross test. Summer recess begins in the middle of June and Noel is counting down the days when he will not have to study on the weekend. In the afternoon we went over to Belleau Wood Park to join the Bylunds and Reynolds for a windy but best picnic ever! Following lunch the children dashed around the park looking for eggs. Grandma Pam (Bylund) each year does an amazing job preparing for the Easter egg hunt and we are grateful for her inclusion of us in her yearly plans. Here are some pictures from the picnic.

Greg received his own bucket and wouldn't let it out of his sight. He was enthralled with Ashley' and Jackson's egg collecting skills and followed them around like a lost puppy. Noel and I were thoroughly impressed with the children's meticulous Easter egg combing of the park. No spot was left untouched. Despite a windy day, the weather was perfectly sunny with mild temperatures... Joining the hunt this year were the Reynolds (who are expecting), Andrew Reynolds, and Nathan Bylund. Noel tried to get pictures of them all and they are in the picture below.

Greg has become enamored with Ashley and Jackson. While Noel was compiling the pictures from yesterday, Greg would point at Ashley and chirp, "Ash-ley, Ash-ley, Ash-ley..." I think Noel and I are going to have to watch this young man and tame the passion burning in his bosom.

Like a true blue fan, Jon was decked out in BYU and UK apparel. Noel took this picture of Jon and Lindsay riding the motorcycle toy. It is perfect representation of the two.

You would think that an afternoon in the park would be enough for Greg and that he would be exhausted, but no...when we arrived home from the park Amber changed Greg's outfit and immediately he ran to the backdoor shouting, "Out, out, out, out!" After playing soccer and throwing the frisbee around, Greg finally crashed. Little active boys = happy tired parents!

This morning I awoke early and got Greg's Easter basket ready. It is amazing to think how old Greg is and how he is starting to understand holidays. When he finally awoke, the first words out of his mouth were, "Candy, candy!" The weather was nice and warm and we spent the morning outside celebrating a beautiful Easter morning.

We love Greg and the additional joy he brings into our lives. As Greg grows older we are reminded of the sacrifice of Heavenly Father, to have sent his son to Earth to experience pain and joy, health and sickness and to ultimately die for our sins and be resurrected. As parents, our bond with our son reminds us of the pain Heavenly Father felt when his children sacrificed his only Begotten son. We are grateful for the life and mission of Jesus Christ and the everlasting consequences of his ministry. We know that God lives and that we can feel of his love and receive physical and spiritual blessings when we obey his commandments. We want to thank the Bylunds for their adoption of us into their family activities. We are surrounded by many examples of Godly love and want to thank those that exemplify it in their daily activities.

For family who may read this post we want to also wish you a Happy Easter! We pray for your safety and continued success in your lives.

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Bart and Em said...

It looks like you guys had a fabulous Easter! I love the pictures of Greg and the eggs.