Wednesday, March 24, 2010


On our cruise we picked up a hat and shirt for Greg from the store Piranha Joes. We thought we did so well until we got home and realized that Greg has now developed into a baby giant. Before the shirt grows too small we wanted to post some pictures of his Piranha Joes t-shirt for Grandma Dickens (since she helped us pick it out). Noel particularly likes the shirt because then he can quote the mother elephant from the Disney movie, Tarzan..."There are no piranhas in Africa!"



Nichole said...

Don't tell him that. Of course, there are piranhas in Africa. . . . You have a cute boy. I'm excited to see him in a month or so.

Marissa said...

My kids love Tarzan and I love the little piranha part of the movie. I always quote it myself just because I think it sounds cute :)