Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Sometimes I find some time to stop at the family blog and add a little bit of Noel commentary. Today's post focuses mostly on Valentine's day and how grateful I am to spoil Amber for at least one day of the year. You see, when we were first married, I used to count down from infinity how much longer we had to be together:) However, I soon realized that Amber is quite unique. Not everyone can put up with my 11pm McDonald's 32oz milkshake cravings, 6am bed farts, need for bikes, and being at least 1,500 miles from family...The answer is of course Amber. So this one's for you, Babe!...Happy Valentine's day!

Things that make Amber quite fantastico!
1. Never goes to bed without telling me she loves me.
2. Can quote any movie and has a photographic memory of every actor/actress.
3. Never fails on a commitment.
4. Talks in her sleep.
5. Believes that I am her knight in shining armor.
6. Put up with Greg in her uterus for 40 weeks.
7. First to forgive and last to get angry.
8. Puts family first before anything.
9. Loves a hardy trucker's breakfast (every day of the week!).
10. A rock solid testimony and believe in Christ.

and the list goes on and on.

Valentine's day is not only for our immediate luuuuvers, but also for those that have shown us love and respect throughout the years. At Christmas I took this picture of my family and every time I look at it I realize how much I love my family. So...Happy Valentine's Day Dickens, Hansens, and Dille. Wishing you the best and constantly praying for your safety.

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Just the Seven of Us said...

Noel, you are so sentimental and so sweet!!! You are right, you have a good women! One thing I love about Amber, she a great friend and so fun to be with! Miss you guys! I can't believe how big Greg is - so handsome!