Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Bells...and lots of family fun!

Following a fun two weeks in New York with my parents, the family headed out to Idaho where we enjoyed Amber's younger sister's wedding. Before I dive into the pictures, I would just like to vent a little about how annoying it is to travel cross country with a child. It is long, cramped, and crazy. My sympathy for families with multiple children has increased 10 fold.

However, we arrived safely in Idaho with Greg only slightly out of wack. The following images are a collection of pictures from Carrie's wedding.

Below: Carrie and Mitchell's rings
Below: Mitch's younger brother with the wedding colors accented
Below: The Bouquet
Below: Cake (awesome cupcake cake...all of my daughters are going to have one of these!)
Below: Outside Twin Falls Temple...not the easiest place to take nice pictures. The grounds are rather sparse with ugly neighborhood backgrounds. Photographer's worst nightmare = horrible background distractions...YUCK!
Below: Coming out of temple
Below: Do I really need to say they are kissing? Really?
Below: Future Bonnie and Clyde...watch your money:)
Below: Chillin in Rupert's town square.
Below: ?
Below: Outside the reception place...an old converted play/movie theater.
Below: All the sisters...lots of crazy estrogen buzzing around on wedding day :)
Below: The couple with the Aston grandchildren. Greg decided to cry Amber and I a river right before the picture...gotta love it!
Below: Cool new toys = Plastic Cups
Below: Beckett wondering who what his crazy cousin is doing
Below: Mitchell - Really cool guy and great addition to the family...Good Luck!

Now that the wedding has come and gone, I am back home in Kentucky finishing up my thesis. I defend July 28th at 10am and am excited to finish and move onto dental school! YAHOO!! No more school for two days (I start dental school on the 30th) Being home alone has been relatively tough. I enjoy the freedom to exercise and go wherever I need to without coordinating schedules, but it has been lonely; it is an abrupt change from being home with Greg for 21 hours a day to not seeing him at all.

Countdown = 12 more days.


Joy said...

Awesome pictures! Greg has changed so much! I love all the sisters together! The comments are great too! We'll have to take you up on your offer to do some photos of our family! Glad you had a great time!

Adele said...

Great pics!! Hope you are surviving without Amber... We talked to them on Skype last night. Looks like Greg is getting acclamated to the grandparents finally! It probably helps that there aren't a million strangers there anymore!

Nichole said...

That last one is a really good picture of Mitch. He looks like a model:) Great job with the photos! You were worth every penny:)

LesliAnn said...

Noel- The wedding pictures turned out great! I have a feeling someday you will be doing Hayley's- lucky you! I think my 2 favorite ones are of Greg and Beckett- especially the one of Beckett looking at Greg playing with cups. Enjoy the quiet time!