Sunday, October 19, 2008

Greg's Blessing

Last weekend was Greg's blessing. What a great weekend! My parents and Noel's parents both arrived in Lexington late Friday night. Noel, Gordie, our friend Jon, and his brother-in-law hit the raquetball courts at 11:00 p.m. when Gordie's plane got in. While they played, I enjoyed watching some TLC (gotta love "What Not to Wear") and waited for my parents to arrive.

On Saturday, the boys went frisby golfing, while the girls took care of a fairly cranky Gregory. He has had this rash on his stomach for a while, and it was really bugging him this weekend. The medicine the doctor perscribed for him also gave him some wicked diaper rash. So the only time he was happy was when he was eating or when we laid him down on a blanket without doing up his diaper. Probably too much info...sorry. After Noel, Gordie, and Dad got back from frisby golfing, we went shopping. Lynne, Mom, and I went to the Talbot's outlet and to Gordman's. Then we met up with Noel's cousin Christy for dinner at Johnny Carino's. What a fun day! Thanks Mom and Lynne for the new shirts and pants that fit!

Then on Sunday was the blessing. Lynne made a blessing outfit for Greg. It is so cute! Noel did a nice job with the blessing. He said that Greg didn't like being held out in front of him, so he cried through most of the blessing. That's okay...lots of babies do that right? After Sacrament meeting, I went off to Primary and the grandmas took care of Greg. Let me tell you a little background information about our ward. We have had 22 babies born this year. There are about 70 kids in Primary and about 40 under the age of 3. So you can imagine the decibal level at church. I think Greg was a little overstimulated because he cried almost all of church (he did much better this week). Lynne was carrying him around with his blanket over him to shield his eyes from the light. She finally got him calmed down and to sleep. So she put him in his car seat. Not wanting to wake him, they kept his blanket underneath him. I thought it looked really funny. Sad that this is the only picture I took the whole weekend.

Lynne and Gordie left on Sunday afternoon, and my parents left early Wednesday morning. It was great to have them visiting! I love you guys. Thanks for coming and for the great weekend.
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Marissa said...

Oh, Joselyn cried the whole time during her blessing. Do you remember? I was so sad that we were late and missed Greg's blessing. :( I'm sure it was wonderful!

Joy said...

He is so adorable! You can always take pictures another day. Greg will never know the pictures weren't actually from his blessing day! I'll go for months with out taking pictures, so don't feel bad. I am glad you have a fun and safe trip. Traveling with a baby is always a wild card. Maybe it won't be too bad at Christmas!