Monday, June 2, 2008

Cumberland Falls

A few weeks ago, Noel surprised me with a weekend trip to Cumberland Falls State Park in southern Kentucky. The state has some nice parks with resorts to stay at for a very reasonable price. I took my personal leave day on that Friday, and we headed down. It was a nice, pretty drive, and it only took about 2 hours to get there. We stayed in a cottage at the state park. It is a really nice place. There are tennis courts, horse back riding, swimming, playground equipment, hiking trails, a lodge/hotel, etc. It would be a great place to stay for a few days for a family reunion.

The area right around the falls is very nice as well. There are paved paths all around with some look out areas to get pictures of the falls. Here is a picture I took. Not as good as Noel's pictures but pretty good for me.
Saturday morning we ate breakfast at the lodge. Here the view from the lodge balcony.

Then we paid a little visit to the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken, "Sanders Cafe." It's now a museum; we didn't go in because we were mostly interested in just getting our pictures out front.
When we got home, we went frolfing, folfing, frisbee golfing, disc golfing (whatever you prefer to call it) with Jeff, Melea, and Maddox. Jeff received some discs for his birthday, and we had a ton of fun breaking them in. It was an awesome weekend!


Adele said...

What a fun trip!! We're hoping to take a trip later this summer before the family is started!

Micah, Nichole, & Dallin said...

We used to play frisbee golf every once in a while. We even have a couple of drivers and a putter, but it's been so long since we've played, I don't know where they are. I was never much good at it, but it's fun.