Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Break- Wahoo!!!

Thank goodness for spring break. I was getting worried about my mental health (first graders were making me go insane), and then the blessed day of March 29th came. The first Saturday of spring break, sigh of relief. :) I had a wonderful break. Mom and Dad came out to visit, and we had a great time together.
Mom and Dad arrived on Tuesday, so on Wednesday we went to Fort Boonesboro. It was a really nice day--sunny and pretty warm. The fort was really cool. Bowling on the Wii. We even talked Mom into playing. If I was a betting woman, I would put my money on Dad getting himself a Wii around Christmas time- "for the kids and grandkids," of course.
What form! It's quite funny to watch Noel play games on the Wii. You should see him play "Guitar Hero."For the record, I beat Noel!

For the next two days we got quite a bit of rain, so we had to do indoor things. We went shopping and to the Mary Todd Lincoln house. On Saturday, it stopped raining. We went to Perryville to the Civil War Battle site there. Carrie, I thought of you every soggy step of the way! I know you would have loved it.

I had a lovely time. I really liked being able to sleep in. It has made it a little difficult to get up this week, but it was still nice. Now we can start the countdown to school getting out!


Adele said...

Amber! I love seeing you with a little baby belly! So adorable! I didn't know you guys had a Wii... but you know your father too well because I would put money on it too that he gets one for all those grandkids to play... =)

Micah, Nichole, & Dallin said...

It's clear that Carrie didn't accompany Mom and Dad, because she would have said, "NO FORTS!" Anyway, now I'm really excited to come see you this summer. I want to try out your Wii.

Emilee said...

Looks like fun! Wish we could play with you. Adrian is dying for an XBox. Who knows, maybe I'll get him one for his 30th birthday on May 5th. Shh, don't tell.