Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Kids, Good Times

This past week we read during family scripture time the passages in Alma about Helaman's 2,000 stripling warriors. As a parent I look at my boys and wonder what type of men they will become. Will they follow the guidance of two loving parents or that of a changing world? I have faith that despite every person's free agency, that my sons will beat the odds and join generations of warriors of the highest moral caliber and religious integrity.

Until then, here are some more pictures from the past two weeks. 

The weather has become consistently warm and as such Greg and Brighton have enjoyed many afternoons playing in the wading pool. 
My favorite little gents.
Brighton and his hat.
Greg also finished spring soccer this weekend. He had so much fun playing with the Tigers and of course he loved the fact that his favorite pal Ashley was on the team. Go Tigers!
Oh yeah! What a wonderful set of soccer stars!
Amazed that all these 3 yr olds stayed in a cluster.
Preparing to receive the ball
Off we go!
This is my favorite shot of the day. Greg scored a goal and watching his face light up was priceless.
Very tired after a wonderful day of soccer.
One of the surprises of soccer this spring was Brighton's ability to play soccer. We think most of his talent comes from watching his older brother play or perhaps due to stubbornness to be the best. Either way, I think Brighton might receive an early birthday present of his own soccer ball. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

One More Weekend, Some More Pictures

In Kentucky there are two absolutes: 1. Kentucky basketball...What? and 2. The way! So what did we do on Derby weekend? We went to soccer, studied on campus. and just happened to catch the final Derby race of the day on NBC. Of course, no weekend would be complete without pictures.
Notice the lines. Where is Brighton standing...on the field! 
Grey and Greg. What a great pair! If you add their numbers together you
get how many players are on a soccer team.
Greg and Ashley. We can tell who the future soccer star will be...check out Ashley's concentration.
Check out the awesome set of Grandparents in the background (Pam and Bob!..Whoot whoot!).
Today was picture day. Love this image! Go TIGERS!
Go Tigers!
One of my favorites. Caught Brighton sitting on the ball.
What a handsome little devil!
Do you think Brighton is tired?!
My other favorite. Wish I could scoop them all up and give them a great big bear hug!