Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Hair

I was in desperate need of a hair cut, so I went to my across the street neighbor's salon. She has cut my hair previously and did a nice job. She did a nice job this time, but she cut more off than I had intended. It's still looks pretty cute, and hair grows (this much I know). Please note that I took this picture after I got home from work...so that should explain my state of dishevelment.

I should have taken a picture right after she did my hair because she styled it a little crazy. As you all know, I am not a primper. So my hair is never puffy. Well, the way she styled it could only be called "Kentucky Big Hair." My neighbor has some pretty big hair, that's the way she likes it I guess. But it was quite funny...Noel just kept saying, "Wow. You're hair is really big. Do you want to go wash it?"

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Angela tagged me, so I guess that makes me it.

10 years ago:
I was 14 years old and in eighth grade at Burley Jr. High. I was doing Odyssey of the Mind with six other girls, and we were on our way to Florida for world competition. I played the trombone in band (yeah...I was really cool) and played basketball and volleyball. My best friend was Cassandra Jones, and I probably had a crush on some boy because that's what 14 year old girls do. Sounds about right.

5 things on my to do list:
Go get some bigger clothes
Dust and vacuum
Grade homework packets (let's be honest though...it's not likely to happen)
Go to that garage sale I saw a sign for
Get a birthday present for a friend

5 snacks I enjoy
chips and salsa
Robin egg whoppers
cheese (I've been obsessed with it recently)
Reese's peanut butter cups

What would I do I were suddenly made a billionaire?
Definitely not go back to work, donate money to dig wells in African villages, buy land for Zamani (the school I volunteered at in South Africa) and build a new school, go on all sorts of trips, invest.

5 places I have lived
Rupert, Idaho
Burley, Idaho
Provo, Utah
Orem, Utah
Lexington, Kentucky

5 jobs I have had
Lifeguard/swimming teacher at the Burley pool
TA for Physical Science 110A
4th grade teacher
1st grade teacher
Okay that's only 4, but I'm a loser and haven't done anything else.

3 things you probably don't know about me
I absolutely LOVE game shows. The game show network is my favorite TV channel (when we used to get it--bunny ears are not quite powerful enough)
I have very vivid dreams and sometimes I have a hard time determining if the episodes in my dreams were reality or not.
I was a ten pound baby, so I'm a little scared about the size of my baby.
(Sorry family, you probably know all of that stuff)

I tag:
Melea, Nichole, Marissa, and Noel

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pregnancy Update

I went to another doctors appointment on Wednesday. Noel had a midterm that ended early, so he got to come with me. Everything is going great. I gained another 4 1/2 pounds, so I'm up to 9 1/2 total. It seems like a ton to me, but the nurse reassured me that I am still in the normal range for weight gain. We heard the heart beat again, which is always comforting. The baby kept moving around while the doctor was trying to get the heart beat. She said, "Oh we have a lively one here." Noel told me later that he thought, "Oh great. I'm going to be the one chasing a little maniac up and down the aisle at church." Things really are going well. I am starting to burst out of my pants. I can't do them up anymore, but Melea let me borrow this spandex band that you can put on over your undone pants. It works quite well and just looks like you have a t-shirt layered underneath your shirt.
We also were given a crib for the baby's room. Some friends of ours were given two cribs and only needed one. So they passed one off to us. It is really cute and in good condition, and the best part is that is was free!
But as fun as all of that is...the most exciting news for us is that we get to know the gender of the baby at my next appointment. So be looking for a post on April 10 to know if this baby is going to be baby girl Dickens or baby boy Dickens.:) I have a gut feeling that it is a boy, but we will see!