Friday, September 28, 2007

Pizza Party!!!

As I mentioned before, Noel is the Valiant 9 teacher in our ward. The teacher before him promised the class a pizza party if they brought their scriptures to church so many consecutive weeks. Well, they did it! So we had the five boys over for pizza and games tonight. They were so fun! They are such good boys and are so kind to each other. As they were playing football in the backyard, it made me miss teaching fourth graders (that's how old these boys are). Don't get me wrong, I like first grade. But I do miss my fourth grade kids.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Primary Program

Noel and I have callings in the Primary. He is one of the Valiant 9 teachers, and I am the assistant to the Primary presidency. Just before we moved here, the ward boundaries were re-drawn and a bunch of new families with primary aged kids moved in. So our primary is HUGE...we have about 70 kids that show up regularly. They needed a little more help in the presidency so that is why I am the "assistant." Anyway, today was our Primary program in Sacrament meeting. Imagine 70 kids up on the stand, they did a great job being reverent, but I bet it was humorous all the same. There was one little boy who did not want to be up there, and he started to make a run for it. His teacher had cat-like reflexes and grabbed the back of his shirt to keep him from running off the stage. It was pretty funny. But here is what really got me laughing. We were almost finished with the program--honestly one more song to go. Then this 5 year old boy turns to his teacher (same teacher mentioned above) and says, "I am through with this!" I laughed a little and said, "Hey...we are almost finished." Then he said, "No. Really, I am just THROUGH with this!" His teacher and I busted up laughing. It was hilarious. Don't you just wish that you could get away with saying, "I am just THROUGH with this!" :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Amber's Accident

Our house, In the middle of, Our street!

Hi everyone!
Now that we are established in our new home and have time for fun, we thought we would update our blog that is to be completely honest...BLAH! Thus, attached to this post are pictures of our home. Feel free to comment on our posts and tell us how bad of photographer Noel really is.Our living room minus wall decorations and Amber's fat bum. It took us about a month to get couches and we are loving not having to sit on coolers and lawn chairs. Amber was slightly nervous about the black couches, but Noel prevailed and he is in the mode!
This is our pride and joy...our new kitchen table. If you are ever in town, we would love to have you over for Noel's fine cooking and Amber's lovely "Southern" hospitality. To say the least, it is such a delight to not sit on a cooler every night for dinner!

Amber loves her new mailbox...let's just hope she doesn't love it enough to run it over with the car.

This is the front of our house. The east side is really boring because we have no foliage. Plus, it is a corner lot and the pictures made our house look like a doll house compared to the mammoth home behind ours.

Once again, if you are ever in Lexington, please stop by and we will give you a nice southern wildcat welcome!